Recent Before & After Photos

Overflowing Toilets Do Happen

This house suffered a small water damage due to a toilet over flow. We see these kinds of jobs quite often, and they are nothing to be embarrassed about. The wa... READ MORE

Small Heater Causes Fire

This home suffered a small fire due to an item being placed in front of a heater. The item caught fire and burst into flames causing smoke and soot to go everyw... READ MORE

A Faulty Supply Line Caused Major Damage

This home suffered a large water damage due to a supply line from a toilet busting and sending water throughout seven different rooms. One of the rooms that too... READ MORE

Sometimes A Fire Requires Major Tear Out

This home had a grease fire in the kitchen. It started on top of the stove, and move upwards to the ceiling, cabinets, and walls. The soot traveled throughout t... READ MORE

Hospital Suffers Small Water Damage

A third party company had come in to do some work in this hospital. As the company was finishing up their work, they noticed that they had punctured a small pip... READ MORE

A Busted Refrigerator Line Was The Culprit

This homeowner noticed some buckling in their wood laminate kitchen floors. The culprit was a leaking water line to the refrigerator. Our crews went in and took... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in a Florist

This commercial property suffered a small water damage when their water heater started overflowing, and water seemed down into the carpets and throughout a few ... READ MORE

Lake House Re-Construction

This lake house is located in Arley, AL. It suffered a tremendous water loss, and microbial growth. Our crew treated the water damage and growth and then our co... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes in Winfield, AL

This home experienced a water loss. The cause of loss came from a frozen pipe in the kitchen that had busted and caused water to leak in many different rooms an... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bathroom

This home is located in Reform, AL. The cause of water loss was from a pipe that had busted. The water flowed into the home and damaged many different rooms and... READ MORE