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Top Locations for Where Water Damage Occurs | SERVPRO of Walker & Winston Counties

12/13/2023 (Permalink)

Woman's Feet Wearing Waterproof Boots, Standing in a Flooded House with Vinyl Wood Floors Water damage won't last for long in your property when you call SERVPRO of Walker & Winston Counties!

How many of your appliances do you rely on to get through your busy week? How many of them rely on water to function? Whether you are loading up a dishwasher for what feels like the thousandth time or clinking ice into your drink, you are constantly surrounded by water in your home. 

While that easy access to water allows us to get more things done around the house with less effort, the risk of suffering water damage as a result of a malfunction or leak is always present. Knowing where to look and what to do if you do discover water damage can help you stay in control. 

Where to Look

One of the first obvious places to check for water damage is anywhere that is directly connected to the outside elements. Windows, doors, skylights and vents can all experience cracks, gaps or sagging that can invite water inside your home. Run your hands over your window panes and check around your doors for new puddles after every rain.

Other common locations are leaky pipes or loose water connections around your home. A single deteriorating seal that connects your water pipe to your kitchen sink can slowly start to drip and then turn into a gush of water. The same goes for any exterior water lines. A dripping spigot that continually drips onto the ground near your foundation can eventually leak down and into your home via a tiny gap or crack in your concrete foundation. 

Your Appliances

Any appliance that relies on water to function also can leak or malfunction at any time, leading to serious water damage in a short amount of time. Routinely pull your washing machine and dishwasher out from the wall to check behind and beneath them for signs of water damage or water spots. You should also keep up with routine maintenance on these machines to reduce your risk.

If you do discover a water leak coming from your appliance, stay calm! Simply shut off the appliance and then head to your utility room to shut off power to the area. If your water valves are in your utility room, turn off the appropriate water valve as well. If not, head back to the room that the leak occurred and look for the water valve leading from your appliance and close it. 

The next step is to get us on the phone!

Why a Professional Restoration Matters

Water has the innate ability to leak and seep into the tiniest of cracks and crevices and can get behind walls or under floors instantly. If your water leak travels to places that are hard to dry out on your own, it can quickly cause structural integrity issues and even spark large mold infestations.

Our team can arrive quickly and stop all this from happening! We will remove the standing water, dry out excess moisture and tackle repairs all at once so you can recover faster and more completely. Don’t wait! Call us as soon as you discover water damage.

Spotting water damage should always prompt a call to SERVPRO of Walker & Winston Counties. Contact us today.

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